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Burst Pipes

  • Turn of any appliances including your boiler and immersion heaters.
  • Locate and turn off your main stop cock this is often found under the kitchen sink but can be located in other areas such as a downstairs cloakroom.
  • If the leak is on a supply pipe i.e. hot or cold water pipe, run all taps to quickly drain off the water.
  • If the burst or damage is on a central heating pipe, try to close off the radiator valves this may minimise water damage.
  • If the damage is visible tie a rag around it tightly. Beware: the water could be hot! In this instance leave it, as the water can be 60 degrees Celsius and will scald.
  • Call in Aquafirst to sort out your problem.

Noisy Central Heating

This can be a number of problems ranging from air or sludge in the system, to pipes not being positioned or secured effectively enough, in these instances we are happy to look at your problem and explain what needs to be done to remedy these problems.

Tops of Radiators Don't Warm Up

If this is one or two radiators this could be attributed to air in the system your radiators may need to be bled to remove the air.

All Radiators in One Area Don't Warm Up

This could be down to a faulty valve or again to sludge blocking the system.

Air Locks in Taps

This can be a very common problem where taps will totally stop working for seemingly no reason - this can be easily solved initially but if the root cause is not remedied, it could occur again in the future. This can be caused by pipe work seizing or supply cisterns not coping with demand.

Dripping or Noisy Taps

This is often a washer and is easily solved unfortunately though with many cheaper taps once they are worn to this point it is often better to replace them.

Toilets Won't Flush

This is also a common problem - the user finds they have to pump the handle to achieve the desired flush. This is often a problem with the siphon and is easily remedied with the right know-how.

How You Can Maintain Your System

  • Every now and then open and close your main stop cock to prevent it ceasing up. Alternatively, why not have Aquafirst install a water stop button so you can turn off your mains supply at the touch of a button!
  • Protect your pipe work by having us install magnetic filters on your central heating to prevent the build up of harmful magnetic sludge!
  • Go green there are many simple devices on the market that can be installed in your home to cut water usage saving the environment and your pocket!

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